The Richmond Vein Center Testimonials

Cheri E.I want to thank you and your wonderful staff for giving me back my quality of life. From the first day I walked into your office, you were able to begin the healing process that now allows me to walk briskly and carry out everyday functions. Prior to coming to your office, my left ankle was so swollen that it looked like a tree trunk with a huge hole in it (which I now know is called an ulcer). My leg ached and felt like I was dragging a 50 lb bag of sand when walking. From the beginning, you kept me informed of the treatment process, which included wearing an Unna Boot for several weeks so that the ulcer could heal. Once the ulcer was healed, it was time for the Closure® Procedure. Sure, I have to admit I thought the Closure® procedure sounded scary and should be done in a hospital, or at the very least, I should be sedated, but you and your staff assured me that I would feel no pain or feel very little discomfort. I must admit that I was and still am AMAZED with the entire procedure. It was so easy and literally painless. I am so grateful for what you and your awesome staff have done for me. I actually feel like I can go dancing with the stars. I definitely would recommend you and your staff to anyone who is experiencing venous insufficiency. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Cheri E.

Through your efforts, as well as those of Chris Cox and the entire team, my leg has been saved. The swelling, pain and ulcers I have experienced for years have been reversed by the vascular surgical procedure.
After the procedure, I had only minor discomfort at the time and was able to walk out on my own. Within a few days, I was better than new.
During my recovery, I was able to start marathon training. As a bonus, even at 70+ years of age, my arthritic knee has become less of a problem. my only regret is that I did not find you and your associates sooner.
In all of my contacts with your office, the entire staff exhibited the utmost professionalism. I would recommend you unequivocally.
Thank you again. my leg has not felt this good in a long time.
James P.

Dr. Gould,
I have been meaning to send this for quite awhile now! I just wanted to say Thank You foryour excellent care and service every time I have come to your office. You are such a kind person, a joy to talk to, and a wonderful doctor. After you visited me in the hospital, I told my husband, "Thant is the best doctor I have ever had!"
Thank you again for all that you have done thus far and i will see you again in a few weeks.
Stacey D.

I have been Dr. Gould's patient for nine years. During that time i have had two major surgeries for life threatening illness, and a procedure to treat and remove varicose veins. During the vein surgery and after, I experienced a minimum of discomfort and no significant problems.
My leg looks and feels wonderful! In my experience, Dr. Gould lived up to his reputation of being an excellent surgeon - and just as important - a warm, caring, compassionate human being. From the very first appointment , through the final follow-up, he and his staff inspired great confidence and treated me with respect and genuine concern. i would highly recommend Dr. Gould to anyone contemplating surgery.
Orville J.

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